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Raph Graybill for Lieutenant Governor Montana



No Montanan has done more to protect Constitutional rights and freedoms from Greg Gianforte than Raph Graybill.

Since Gianforte became governor, Raph has blocked 14 different unconstitutional laws that invade Montanans’ Constitutional rights. Raph is also undefeated against Gianforte in blocking the Governor’s unconstitutional abortion bans.

Fighting for the rights and freedoms enshrined in Montana’s Constitution is part of Raph’s personal history. His grandfather chaired Montana’s 1972 Constitutional Convention.

A union-side labor lawyer, Raph represents Montana firefighters fighting for fair pay, Montana nurses fighting for their patients, Montana students and teachers fighting to protect our public education system and election integrity, and for countless other Montanans who need a champion to stand up for our Constitution and against politicians and big government. 

As Chief Legal Counsel to Governor Steve Bullock, Raph chaired the Montana State Emergency Response Commission at the Department of Military Affairs. He successfully took on Big Tobacco to prevent the marketing of vaping products to kids. And he argued and won the case before the Montana Supreme Court that saved Habitat Montana, Montana’s flagship public lands conservation initiative.

Raph now works with his uncle in the same small, family law practice Raph’s great-grandfather started in Belt, Montana, 104 years ago. 

Raph Graybill for Lieutenant Governor Montana
Raph Graybill for Lieutenant Governor Montana

Born and raised in Great Falls, Raph served four years with the New York City Police Department as an Auxiliary Police Officer, patrolling the streets of Harlem in the 26th Precinct of New York City. In law school, he prosecuted terrorism suspects held in Guantanamo Bay.

He is a graduate of Great Falls High School, Columbia University, Yale Law School, and the University of Oxford, where he studied as a Rhodes Scholar. 

Raph is active in the Lutheran church (he is the son of Bishop Jessica Crist, who led the Montana Synod between 2007 and 2019). He and his wife Marisa have three young children (ages 4, 3 and 1).

Raph was the 2020 Democratic nominee for Montana Attorney General.

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